Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do to enrol my child into OSHC?

Simply complete an enrolment form for your child/ren, one form is required per child and return it to - Children that have allergies, anaphylaxis or asthma will be required to have additional paperwork completed before they attend their first session at OSHC.

How do I make a booking?

Educators at the program do not take bookings or make cancellations.  The educators priority is caring for & educating the children.
Bookings can be made by calling the bookings number on 0488 662 783 Please call Monday to Friday between 9am-3pm.Alternatively you can email 
If you require confirmation of a booking, email is the preferred method of booking.  Due to the volume of calls we receive you will not receive confirmation from a voicemail message.  Text messages will not be accepted for cancellations or bookings.
Please ensure that you allow sufficient time to make a booking for your child.  48hours prior notice is preferred to ensure that we can staff and cater accordingly for the OSHC session.  With less than 48hours notice, the casual charge will be applied.  Families have up until 3pm on the day of care to make a booking.

Before & After School Care Bookings

A child will be marked absent where 48hours notice has not been given for a cancellation.  Families are charged for an absence and are still eligible for CCB or CCR fee relief if applicable.
In cases where families have made a casual booking and wish to cancel the casual booking, cancellations must be made by 12 noon the business day prior in order to avoid a session charge.

Pupil Free Days Bookings

Due to the staffing requirements and pupil free day extended hours (7.30am-6pm) we cannot guarantee we will run a pupil free session on each scheduled pupil free day.  We are able to plan and run a session when we reach 10 expressions of interest from families.  If families wish to express their interest in booking their child in on a pupil free day, please email
Expressions of interest should be emailed at least 2 weeks prior to the scheduled pupil free day.

Vacation Care Bookings

Bookings made for vacation care after the school holidays have commenced will be charged the casual rate of $60 per session and a $20 administration fee (charged once per vacation care period) will apply.  We strongly encourage bookings to be made before the term break commences.
Cancellations cannot be made for vacation care once the school holidays have commenced.  Cancelling care after the commencement of the school holidays will result in a child being marked absent.

What do I do if my child does not know they are going to after school care?

Families are required to ring the school office to ensure a message can be passed onto the child.  This avoids any confusion after the school bell.

Do I have to pay for a session if my child is sick?

A booking is cancelled without charge where 48hours notice is provided.  In cases where 48hours notice is not provided, a booking is charged at normal session rate.

How do I pay my OSHC account?

Accounts are emailed fortnightly to the nominated email address outlined on the enrolment form provided. Accounts are then direct debited via EziDebit.  If you do not have an email address, please discuss alternative arrangements with accounts.